SORCA Urges Rogue Builders to Follow the Trail Building Protocols

The increase in rogue trail building has caused some conflict for SORCA’S future trail development, per our master plan currently in the works. Therefore, we STRONGLY urge builders contemplating constructing trails to download the information package and application form to help guide you through the process. If you need any assistance, please contact our government liaison director at [email protected].
Here is a list of current trail projects “in process”:

  1. Galactic Scheisse – a proposed cross-country style downhill trail on Garibaldi.
  2. Cam and Phil’s trail – upgrade to this popular trail which ends at the lower Garibaldi Park parking area (just above Quest U.
  3. Squamish Olympic Legacy proposal for a climbing trail paralleling the road up to the end of half Nelson and would include a parking lot and signage in a staging area at the end of Cam and Phil’s trail. Eventually the plan would be to carry on with the trail to the top of Half nelson and then to the park road, with possible branches going to Powersmart to replace Skookum (which is going to be reverted to a road in the near future).

Download the trail building information package here.

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