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  • Cakewalk is in good shape. I rode it a couple of times last weekStill a couple of mucky areas. It was impossible to get any speed coming into the bridge/tabletop because of nasty wet roots on the entry.

  • Does anyone know why there is a closed sign at the top? I noticed it going up to 19th today.

  • Hey James, Little late with the reply, but no Cakewalk is not closed. There is a new entrance 20 feet down the road.

  • I don’t know about good shape! I just hit Cakewalk up on this past Saturday and there was more than one ladder bridge with many a broken rung and was pretty sketchy! In another section half of a shored up embankment is starting to sluff off.

  • You may want to consider that the last update was May, 2011…..

  • how are people getting up to the start for this weeks DH ride (cakewalk)

  • Looking for two vollies to help with the DH race tomorrow. Send a note to Mitchel at [email protected] if you are keen.

  • random rider
    June 13, 2012 10:45 am

    all i know is i dont wana ride up.will be at bottom of trail(cakewalk) at six.will give whoever needs a ride up for a ride back to my truck after.

  • Hey everyone, lots of shovels and rakes have been moving on CakeWalk lately, clearing rocks covering roots and a couple new features built. I think this trail is awesome , but since the opening of Full-Nelson CakeWalk has seen a lot more traffic, its taken a lot of work to keep this trail in good, and sustainable condition. I’m new to this, so any feedback would be great. Cheers!

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