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  • Never made it to Credit Line, still lots of snow half way up Mashiter, made it to the entrance to tracks and it is not ridable. Could be a week or two until that area is open.

  • Credit line is completely clear.
    Best route to get there is up jacks, up the alice lake-edith lake hiking trail. Have to walk about 50 feet on Mike’s loop due to snow. Otherwise clear
    Snow still on mashiter road, and tracks from hell.

  • Rode past the exit to this trail on my way up Jack’s last Tuesday but didn’t investigate due to exhaustion from doing the hike from Gravel Creek to the top of Black Tusk the previous day.
    I went back yesterday and slogged up it to the access to “Tracks From Hell”
    I can see why it has popularity but there needs to be the addition of water bars that will divert water off the trail come the fall/winter rains and it will keep the soil from migrating down the hill as a few individuals dragging their back brakes
    And a number of deeper gaps between roots need some fill also to keep them from becoming front wheels pit traps

  • A few friends and I rode down and some other issues need dealing with.
    Several stumps left the line are becoming taller due to erosion around them.
    The rock faces that slope to one side USED to have a small line which is now missing. They need propping up with logs and some fill.
    Other areas need log cribbing and dirt to stabalize

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