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  • Entrails descent completely clear. Swamp/boardwalk section has snow.
    Cleared all deadfall off the trail.

  • Entrails was in stellar condition before today’s rain! sticky and not soggy.

  • Lower entrails – just after icy hole intersection I did some minor work. Fixed up the rock slab line (still needs some more dirt added but now can be ridden as a straight shot – no longer have to stay on the angled slab and make a turn). Also added an easier alternate line – ride up onto the slab rock, easy role down on the right, small climb to a new slab that reconnects with entrails.
    Depending on feedback, I might close the short section of old trail (near the slab) as it is now redundant and has a river flowing down it when it is raining.

  • Great job on this trail, one of my favourites in the area for sure. Amazing flow and tech mix.

  • COUGAR SIGHTING- (actually on Mark My Word) Three riders were confronted by a large adult cougar while riding Mark My Word this Sunday afternoon. The cougar showed no fear of the riders, and continued to advanced to within 10 feet of them despite thier efforts to scare it away. The riders did the right thing by standing their ground, waving their bikes in the air, and yelling. This may be a good time to ride with friends.

  • Final bridge on Entrails is out, not ride-able

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