By far one of our most favourite rides of the season, we’ve got 24 Trails on Saturday September 24th. The rules are pretty simple, it’s NOT a race. The goal of the day is to have fun, whether you ride 1 trail, 9 trails, or are crazy enough to ride all 24! The list of which trails have been carefully chosen are included below. Registration will take place from 9:00am – 11:00am at the top of Perth Drive. Cost is $10 which will get you a ticket to the after party, a cold beer (or soda pop) and a burger and fries. YOU MUST HOLD ONTO YOUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE TICKET for the after party, no exceptions!!
You are welcome to head out anytime but you must still register at the top of Perth between 9am and 11am. If you head out earlier than 9am, we cannot guarantee that the trail tags will be in place. Trail gnomes will be placing them early Saturday morning ? Somewhere on each trail you will find a bag full of trail names. Grab a trail ticket and head off to the next trail. Don’t worry, we absolutely guarantee you that you won’t miss the bags full of tickets, they will be very well marked. When you finish up your ride, head home, get showered up, write your name on the back of each trail tag you have and put on your party pants. You MUST hand in your trail tickets at Squamish Valley Golf Course between 7pm and 7:30pm where you’ll be entered into 24 prize draws. The more trails you ride, the more entries you’ll have. Anyone who completes all 24 trails, without shuttling will get their names thrown in the hat for our grand prize draw.
The dreaded day after…. this is where we would LOVE to have some help. We will have 24 trail signs and tags that will need to be removed. If you can head out and grab our creative trail signs, not only do you get to keep an original piece of SORCA exec artwork, but your name will get thrown into the volunteer list for the upcoming volley party!! Send a message to [email protected] or post on our Facebook page which trails you have cleared and we’ll spread the word. Thanks kids!
So to recap…
Cost $10
Registration 9am -11am Top of Perth
Trail tags handed in at Squamish Valley Golf Course from 7pm – 7:30pm
Don’t forget your food and beverage tickets for the after party, get ready to party!!
24 TRAILS – the full list will be available at Sign On if you have not been able to figure it out from the photos below…
4Play5 Point SouthsideFredSpencer's Big Gay RideWhite RabbitMeet Yer MakerTwo FistWonderlandWord of MouthCake WalkBorder PatrolRoller CoasterRay PetersRecyclePlural of NemesisHuesoMad HatterRock n RollRoom With a ViewLarvicideCrouching Squirrel20160921_20121520160921_20583914429359_10157568684545457_862973671_n

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