2020 Board of Directors Election – Apply!

Our 2020 Board Elections and AGM are on January 22nd, and we’ve got 6 Director positions up for election.

Like last year, we’re asking you to submit your nomination in advance. Your submission will be shared on our website before the AGM, so members have a chance to see what each candidate can bring to the Board before they vote.

Each position is a 2-year term. The descriptions below are general outlines, but specific duties are flexible, based on the skills of the people we get – so don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t fit the description perfectly! In addition to the specifics outlined below, all board members may participate in other activities such as supporting other board members, helping out at events, etc. It’s a team effort!

If you love Squamish trails and want to get involved, apply by Monday, January 6th. Send your nomination by email to [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. Your name and the position(s) you’re running for.
  2. The skills/experience that make you a strong candidate for the position (suggested word count: 200).
  3. Your capacity to commit to a volunteer role, and why you’re interested in being on the SORCA board (suggested word count: 200)

Positions are: