Kona, Squamish Nation and SORCA – Getting Kids on Bikes

Ha7lh Skwáyel (Good day)

Many of us seek flow. We aim to be in the moment and let go of our daily preoccupation. We float down snow covered mountains, navigate rock faces, carve through the trees or skip atop the waves with intense focus but without mind. The flow state is meditative, and some would say spiritual.

Squamish mountain bikers seek communion with flow on the lands of the Squamish Nation people – a people that lived for millennia connected with, and in the flow of this incredible place.
Every ride reminds us of how grateful we should be to live and play here.

What better way to show gratitude than by sharing what we love with Squamish Nation youth as the rightful inheritors of the legacy of these great lands.

While the Recreation department of Squamish Nation has offered mountain biking to Squamish Nation youth for 3 years, the program has suffered from a lack of modern bikes in good working order.

Enter Kona Bicycles Canada who graciously provided eight new bikes as the basis for a reinvigorated Squamish Nation youth mountain biking program.

When approached, Kona Bicycles jumped at the opportunity, saying they were honored to be working with Squamish Nation and the development of their youth cycling program, “We don’t take lightly the importance of the local culture and land where we ride, and we are grateful to be a part of such a strong program.”

The bikes were graciously assembled locally by our friends at Tantalus Bike Shop.

“We are really excited to be able to bring these parties together to get more kids on bikes and out on the trails” says Jeff Norman, President of SORCA.

Wayne Smith, Senior Recreation Coordinator for Squamish Nation and an avid mountain biker notes that, “Mountain biking is a great opportunity to improve fitness while engaged in a social activity”, adding, “This is really a great opportunity for our youth to connect with the land in a really fun way.”

SORCA hopes to work with Squamish Nation to get more youth out mountain biking, and is working on new partnerships to provide Squamish Nation Youth with additional bike maintenance and mountain bike skills training.

“Stay tuned”, says Norman, “Our longer-term goal is to work with Squamish Nation to build a Squamish Nation mountain bike team!”

Ayás chexw! (Have a good one!)