Another profile from our awesome trail crew:

Ben Haggar

Hey, I’m Ben. I have been lucky enough to call the Sea to Sky home for the past 18 years enjoying all of its recreational bounties and inspiring outdoors community. I work as a freelance photographer and writer as well as a polar guide when I’m not out building trails. Believe it or not, I still have some time for fun and try to get out for big singletrack missions, surf trips, and backcountry snowboarding as much as possible. These different sports influence my building style but focusing on aesthetics is the most important feature for me (for photos, obviously!). I’m really excited to be building trails with SORCA this year and feel very privileged to be working with such a skilled and fun crew. See you out on the trails!



Dave Reid thoughts:

I was taught a simple thing a long time ago.  Be wary of the quiet ones, they are humble but usually the very best at whatever they do.  Every member of my crew is a quiet one. Their humble bios do not remotely capture how amazing they are.  I am incredibly lucky to be working with this team. So please let me add a few more bullets.

  • Ben Haggar (and Scott Veach) built Dark Crystal in Whistler.  By far one of my favorite trails in the Sea to Sky. Amazing terrain, forest, and line choice.  It is one of those trails that makes you sad when it ends, as you never want it to end. Ben is also an exceptional photographer and adventurer.  A typical work day with Ben involves begging him to stop working to go home at the end of the day.
  • Louis-Phillipe Moreau.  Probably one of the best riders I know.  We rode a very steep trail in Squamish recently.  Louis shows up, rides the hardest lines easily, and then goes back up to nose manual the steepest slabs, or boost even higher on the jumps.  However, you will never hear Louis mention his exceptional bike skills in person. As far as getting airborne, gravity has no effect on him. Louis has built jump parks in Quebec and is our go-to guy for building jumps.
  • Matt Henn.  I knew of Matt Henn before ever meeting him in person.  He built a trail that had perfect routing, reverse grade, and effortless braking. The type of new build I love seeing.  After a local toonie enduro, I checked out his times. He is one of the fastest local riders I know. Super happy guy, and laughs a ton.
  • Nicole Kennedy.  Nicole has worked at Snowmass as a groomer and bike park builder.  The other day we were looking at the Squamish skills center by Brennan park, and Nicole stated: “get me machinery and dirt, and I can build this for you”.  Nicole has an indomitable spirit. There have been a few days where it felt like we were swimming in the woods. On these days, Nicole has a tendency of smiling and laughing.  There are no bad days, just laughter.

What we have been up to.

  • Megacy.  Brush cutting.  Trail was disappearing on the lower section above Angry M.
  • 19th Hole.   Revamped jumps, removed massive marbles, added drainage.
  • Lower p-nuts.  Fixed massive mud hole, and redirected drainage.
  • Tinder. Raked trail to remove all the marbles.
  • Somewhere Over There.  Reroute trail around a fallen tree and root ball.
  • Craig’s Connector.  Opened up the corners, and compacted the trail with a tamper.
  • Intestinal Fortitude – brushing and dirt work.
  • Grin and Holler.   Hiked to consider revival options.