We have finalized the dates for SORCA events happening this year, so you can review them and pick a few that might work for you before our Event Sponsors Meeting on Tuesday, Feb 25th, 6:30 PM at the Golf Club.
Like years prior, companies that sponsored the year before will have first pick of dates at the Meeting. Their names will go into a hat and then we will pick out names at random to pick their date. After all the companies that have previously sponsored have dates, all new companies will be invited to put their names in the hat as well, along with any companies that want to sponsor more than one event.
Some event types are smaller than others, and some are big. If you want to big one, let us know and we can help you pick a good date. If you want a small one, let us know as well, and we can help you with that.
Here are the dates and the events:
March 21 – Trail Day
April 18 – Trail Day
May 6 – Social
May 7 – Kids Social
May 12 – Trail Day
May 13 – Cinco Race
May 20 – Social
May 21 – Kids Race
May 27 – Cinco Race
June 3 – Social
June 4 – Kids Social
June 9 – Trail Day
June 10 – Cinco Race
June 17 – Social
June 18 – Kids Race
June 24 – Cinco Race
July 1 – Social
July 2 – Kids Social
July 8 – Cinco Race
July 15 – Social
July 16 – Kids Race
July 22 – Cinco Race
July 29 – Social
August 19 – Cinco Race
August 26 – Social
September 2 – Final Cinco Race
September 9 – Social
September 15 – Trail Day
October 3 – Trail Day
November 7 – Trail Day
Questions? Email [email protected]