Hello everyone,

The focus for us this time of year is to revamp/refresh the arterial trails.  These are the workhorse trails that get riders and runners to all the fun stuff!  These trails get a ton of traffic and with time they lose a lot of dirt and develop drainage issues.   Riders/and runners can also do some damage to vegetation adjacent to the trail in congested pinch points.

We took advantage of the BC Parks closure to rework the beginning of Tracks from Hell.  This section is outside of the Park Boundary.  The section we worked on was the part closest to the Mashiter.  We spoke to many people prior to starting the project, and the overwhelming response was “don’t get rid of the iconic long skinny with all the skunk cabbage”.

Ben and I did an assessment walkthrough prior to starting the project and determined that the issues were: foot damage to the wetland on the second bridge, the cobble section which felt like the Paris-Roubaix, and the very first section after the initial climb where there is a tree stump in the middle of the trail.

We set up walkways for working to ensure we did not disturb the wetland, and rebuilt a higher and wider bridge, with a couple of natural spots for people to step off the bridge.  Our hope is that this allows the skunk cabbage to re-establish, and allows wetland critters the safety to do “their thing”.

We hope you like it, and hopefully, it gets you to the fun trails a little quicker.

Recent Trail Crew work also includes:

  • Rob and Cliff’s corners: Raked and cleaned up the trail after BC Hydro clearing.
  • Tinder: Rebuilt and reworked climb section
  • Another Man’s Gold:  Bridges added to trail
  • Word of Mouth:  Removed blowdown
  • Stl’lhalem Sintl’ (Climb trail):  Repaired water damage
  • Jack’s Trail: Drainage repairs
  • Brackentrail: Repaired woodwork

See you on the trails,

Dave Reid