Some trails filled with slabs and berms bring people to our town from all over the world to ride, run, hike and explore. Some trails, like this one, are there to connect communities. All great trails have passionate people, partnerships and stories behind them. “The Looking Glass”, a new connector to Wonderland, between Tantalus and Depot Rd E., is no exception.  It is exceptional in its own way with a story longer than the trail length and its own extraordinary cast of characters who we wish to thank below.

Like so many other trails in this town it started as a twinkle in the eye of legendary trail builder Jim Harvey who put countless hours in getting approvals for construction from the Province and the District of Squamish and then started chipping away at the rocky hillside. Keen to help establish this missing link in Squamish’s trail network, a number of people and organizations, including the Squamish Trails Society and SORCA joined in to help.

Thanks also to former SORCA exec members Jeff Cooke and Tim Talevi along with Kevin Shoemaker, of Polygon Homes, and the District of Squamish for its consistent support and guidance.  To the Trans Canada Trail Society for identifying this as a potential link in our national trail network that enabled additional funding to get the project moving ahead of schedule. To Sandy McKay of the Depot Rd East neighborhood for facilitating access through his land to hasten construction and for helping to establish the fence at the north end designed to keep residents and trail users safe and secure. To Ted Tempany and Mike Reed of Dream Wizards for delivering the product inch by inch through extremely challenging terrain. To Matt Parker of Squamish Trails Society who put an incredible amount of time into managing the project and building the fence at the North End. Thank you to all who helped with the trail or the fencing and to those who use it with gratitude.

As with all trails please be respectful of neighboring residents. There is limited parking in the area, in particular at the north end. For this reason, it is best explored as a part of a ride, run or walk linked with other trails in our wonderful town.