Trail Crew Report – February/March

Hello everyone,

A new season of trail work for the Trail Crew has begun!   The crew is a small one at the moment. Until recently it was just me (Dave Reid).  Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve also had Ben Haggar and Ben Chambers on for a few days a week. We are all working alone, with frequent check-ins to ensure safety and follow social distancing protocols.  Work lately has been low-risk, consisting of armoring trails affected by rain events.

Early season work consisted of clearing blowdown on trails.  The winter storms knocked down many trees this year: living on the coast our blowdown is pretty massive.  Squamish can take pride in the speed at which trees are removed from the trails. We have a dedicated team of volunteers and Trail Crew to ensure that you rarely have to lift your bike over blowdown.

We’re currently figuring out our Trail Crew team and budget for the year ahead. We know it’s going to be a very different kind of year. We hope that some of our Trail Crew from last year are able to return.  Unfortunately, Louis-Phillipe Moreau injured himself at the Coast Gravity Park and has a tibial plateau fracture.

We are also excited to announce that we received Section 57 approval from Alistair McCrone, the recreation officer for the Sea to Sky area, to build a Micayla Martin Memorial trail adjacent to Slippery Salmon. We hope to start this project soon, and get the community involved.

We are also putting up signs to remind people of the importance to practice social/physical distancing. Please do your part! That includes leaving the signs where they are…

At work sites, we are using pink flagging to block the trail where we are working.  If the tape is across the trail, please walk your bikes, and try to keep your distance.  We actively use Trailforks to let you know where we are and what work is being done.

We have had a few people duck the tape and pretty much try to ride over us. We’re trying to stay safe, so please be respectful and walk, don’t ride!

Recent Trail Crew work includes:

  • Rob and Cliff’s corners: Raked trail.
  • Slippery Salmon: Raked trail and created a bypass so that people do not push bikes back up the lower part of the trail.  The bypass is still rough.
  • Phil and Cam’s: Working on armoring trail and re-routes.  Ben Haggar is tackling this project solo.
  • Lower Angry M.:  Dirt work and armoring.
  • Fred:  Trying to stay on top of the blowdown.  Working on this with my son.
  • Blowdown removed from all zones.

Photos: Blowdown on Somewhere Over There – now removed. Thank goodness this did not land on someone.