From Dave Reid, Crew Lead:

I bumped into Joel Harwood the other day, and he made me laugh.  Joel told me some of the people he was coaching were saying they “could not wait until the rain ended, and to get some hot dry weather”. He said he told them that “after a few days of hot sun you will be wishing for rain”.

When trails get hot and dry the dirt tends to evaporate like talcum powder and armouring stones start to shift. The dreaded marbles tend to congregate on every flat corner they can find. It is also really difficult to work with dry soils as the clays will not allow the dirt to stick together.  Lately, we have been focused on reroutes, bridge building, armouring and raking to remove marbles.

The fire hazard reached an extreme rating for a few days over the last week.  During these extreme fire hazard periods, trail crew limits the use of brush cutters and chainsaws.  We follow the provincial guidelines and do not do any brushing or chainsaw work past 1 pm, and monitor worksites for a couple of hours post work.  We typically do our chainsaw work in the early morning when there is very little public around.

My biggest fear is an intense rain event, as the ground will be hydrophobic and water will move a ton of dirt off the trails.  This also tends to clog the drains, so if you see puddles or blocked drains, please take a few moments to redirect water off trails.

Two years of no-smoke in the valley!!!  This is fantastic, and thank you to everyone who reports fires, and also proactively puts out any campfires.  When I saw smoke from the vehicle fire behind Slhanay, I quickly reported it to BCFS.  I had that dreaded moment of “oh, no, this could be horrific if it moves into the forest during the strong afternoon winds.”  Fortunately, locals, and BCFS initial attack crew put out the fire immediately.

One last note. I am a huge Dr. Bonnie Henry fan.  When Dr. Henry reiterated that it is extremely important to keep distance and social bubbles small, we reconsidered how we were working as a crew.  We are driving/biking to work sites independently, and working separately.   I do not want an angry Bonnie Henry sign on any of our trails.  For now we’re also not hosting any community trail days. If things change we will re-evaluate.

Project updates:

Miki’s Magic – Raked all the marbles

Caterpillar Connector – Brushing

Treasure Trail – Armoured some sections

Leave of Absence – Dirt work and armouring

Entrails – Mud pit armouring, skinny got some slats

Ditch Pig – replacement of the bridge

Brennan Park – new start ramp – worked with Dream Wizards

Rob and Cliff’s corners – Brushing

Lowdown – Re-route and bridge

Panda Connector – Brushing

Poop Alley – Brushing

Recycle – Hazard tree removal