From Trail Crew Lead Dave Reid:

My apologies for a late trail report.  I tried to write this a couple of times but was at a loss for words. I still am. Mark Bunyan approached me a year ago, to work on a trail to honor the spirit of Mikayla. This was something completely different for me.  I have never built a memorial trail, and I have to admit I was scared to do it.

I knew Mikayla from many trailside visits, and from her teaching my son how to ride bikes in Mark Bunyan Bike Camps. I think of her daily. During the trailside memorial, I was reminded of how strong and powerful the local community is. It was a moment for me to consider my own life, my amazing wife, and my son as well as the incredible community we live in. When James Martin spoke about his daughter and the loss, I looked at my son and cried.

After the ribbon-cutting, Rhys Verner and Luke Di Marzo invited Griffin and I to do a lap of the trail with them. It was a special moment, as those two young adults have been Griffin’s role models for years. We finished the ride with massive smiles and chatter about secret waterfalls and hidden gems. The stuff I know Mikayla was always looking for as well.

I could have not built any of this trail without the guidance and vision of Ted Tempany. He is the reason why this trail is what it is. When we walked into the forest, I told Ted about my trepidation, and Ted answered, “I know exactly what we can do here, and it will be special.” Ted is truly a visionary and a master at trail building. He has created a trail where people can session and improve skills. I adore that about the trail.

The kids. Every time I am up at the trail working, I see really small kids making the long trek up from the Mashiter, and then riding the trail, and asking parents or coaches for another lap.  It has also been a treat following Instagram and seeing the groms unlock new ways to ride the trail.

One last observation…

Every evening when all the super groms and adults have left, there is a Black-Tailed Deer that sessions Miki’s Magic.  We know this as there is always a set of tracks super high on the berms.  That deer probably tail whips better than any of us.  It makes me giggle, every time I see those tracks.  Next time when riding the berms look for those tracks.

Trail Crew projects in May and June included:

  • Miki’s Magic
  • Wonderland drainage work
  • Man Boobs drainage work
  • Brushcutting on Live wire, Dump Express and Mashiter
  • Boney Elbows – tree removal
  • Meadow of the Grizzly raking and drainage
  • Angry M. Bridge