First Trail Report of 2021!

We are headed into the season with a couple of familiar faces. Dave Reid (myself) will be back leading the crew, and Ben Haggar is back as well. Two of our crew from last year are moving on. Louis is taking on a new job, and Daphnee will be working on Vancouver Island doing Geoscience work.  We also have a new Trails Director on the Board, Nick Gottlieb. Nick has many talents.  He is an amazing paddler (and has paddled the Grand Canyon of the Stikine), he is incredibly active in the community and a writer. I am super lucky to be able to work with him.

Last summer we took Covid precautions and often worked independently, or in areas where we could maintain distance between everyone.  We will be doing the same thing this year.  We will also tape off areas where we are working, and ask that you stop, and ensure you keep your distance when travelling around us.  

I get a lot of requests about trail days.  For the moment, we do not have any plans.  However, when Dr. Bonnie Henry declares that we can have bigger gatherings we will consider having some trail days.  I feel that while Covid is still active in our communities, that adding social gatherings such as trail days is unnecessary. 

Often in riding communities such as ours there grows a sentiment that the local trail crew is going to change the trail network, make it easier, or only focus on building easy trails.  I can say, and would like to clarify, that is not our goal or intention.  I embrace the diversity in our network.  So please don’t worry.  There will be times where the trail network will get changed and you might feel like it got easier.  I promise the work we are doing is not to ruin the trail experience but to deal with erosion issues, safety issues, or failing woodwork. I love equally both jank trails and flow trails and also adore difficult climbs.  I also know that our weather (200mm rains storms, and drought conditions) will ensure that jank will always return.   One of our focuses early season is to try to get rid of the “cupping” within trails where the trail bed is lower than surrounding land, adding dirt to dirt armouring, and creating armouring where large steps/divots are getting a bit too “pitted”.  We will also work on the arterial trails, as those get really ruined during melt/freeze conditions. 

I truly value input from the community.  Please feel free to stop and chat if you see me (just keep your distance).  However, be forewarned I am chatty.  As always thank you to the many volunteers that give so much of their time to the trail network and keep it one of the best places in the world to ride a mountain bike. 

(All Photos Courtesy of Sterling Lorence)