Be Prepared! Tips from Search and Rescue

The good folks at Squamish Search and Rescue have been working hard to help injured bikers and have seen an increased number of bike-related calls the last couple of months. Whatever you’re choosing to ride, please do so with these volunteer rescuers in mind.

A couple of pointers from SAR to keep you safe, and make their work easier:

  • Scope your line before you ride it. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a particular trail, or you’re trying something new that’s above your current expertise level, go in with eyes wide open.
  • Be ready for cold, wet, and dark. Bring: a warm layer, a toque, a light and a First Aid Kit. SAR’s typical call is after dinner. Even though summer is coming, the ground is still cold and often wet. Hypothermia can set in if you’re there for a few hours.
  • Have your phone charged. If you get into trouble, call 911 as early as possible. A rescue can take hours, and the more daylight hours there are, the better.
  • Know where you are. You can share your exact coordinates with SAR (and friends) from Trailforks by hitting the Menu button and selecting the red ‘Emergency Info’ button.
  • SAR volunteers respond to calls in their personal vehicles – they might have to drive up ‘no shuttling’ roads to access an injured rider, so please pull over and be kind.

Accidents can happen to anyone! Please, donate to SAR if you can, so they can keep doing their essential work.