Update by Trail Crew Lead, Dave Reid

Ten plus years ago, I was riding with Dr. Clark Lewis.  He told me he had created a new trail, and that I should come ride it with him.  We rode up Diamond Head beyond the Half Nelson turn off, then we stopped, and carried our bikes into the woods.  The trail we rode was Angry M, or as many call it Angry Digit.

The trail had nice bench cuts and some vegetated sections.  Dr. Lewis told me his goal was to keep water off the trail, and have some spots to get off the brakes.  I was not used to “new trails” and found myself constantly getting buried onto the bars during unexpected compressions. The number of years that the trail has withstood the abuse of riders and erosion is a testament to the effort that Dr. Lewis put into trail design.

There were no high fives given at the end of the trail (this was prior to the GoPro era).   

Ten plus years later, it needed some tune-ups.  I sent a note to Dr. Lewis requesting permission to work on it, and promised I would do my best to maintain its character.  As we all know trails are constantly changing as a result of ridership and erosion, but we also know if you drastically change a trail you will suffer the wrath of locals.  I would rather not suffer that wrath, and also know the best backup plan is having the original builder consenting to have work done to a trail.  Dr. Lewis replied, “go for it”. 

Angry Digit is now one of my favourite tracks in town for testing skills.  It is a classic.  I also know the top ten strava spot is a coveted leaderboard position.  It’s fast and rewards the aggressive rider who knows how to pick lines, and not brake in the apex of every corner.  I tend to brake in the apex.  

Special thanks to Ben Chambers, who worked with me for 4 days and also sent me the text telling me it was time to work on the trail. Also thanks to Nicole Kennedy, Ben Haggar and Christina Chapetta for working on it with me.  I hope you like it, and hopefully, you barely notice the changes.  I will be watching the leaderboard to see if anyone can take the crown for 2021. 

And of course!!!!  I, like everyone else, can’t wait to ride the new updated Pseudo-tsuga 1.  Thanks, Gravity Logic!  

The Pseudo Project was paid for by SORCA and the BC Rural Dividend Fund. Thanks to all the members for buying memberships so that we can finance these projects. 

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