Trail Crew Report July and August

I am starting to wonder if those working in water parks are celebrating.  

Trail work in the dry and heat is problematic. I really hope this is not a new normal for our summers.  Once the fire hazard rating went to extreme we stopped all activities that could start a wildfire.  This means no chainsaw use, no brushcutters, and we also stopped hammering nails, or stacking rocks.  We have two piss cans (large tanks of water) that we take with us to work sites, but we are well aware that any fire started will be incredibly difficult to suppress.  The heat has also meant staff are getting “cooked”.  We are doing our best to stay hydrated, and adapt to the heat. 

The bulk of the work we are doing at the moment is cutting back vegetation with loppers, silky saws and hedge trimmers on the many trails where there is no forest canopy.  I have never seen a summer this dry.  The trails are also undergoing a ton of damage from erosion.  Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to remediate that.  We truly need some rain (but not a powerful downpour).  We are losing a ton of dirt, armouring is showing itself and beginning to fail.  In the fall when it rains, we will host trail days, and the priority will be filling holes, and adding dirt to the trail beds.  

Please be super conscious of riding, and be vigilant in reporting any fires. In areas that have experienced a fire the soil gets cooked and is never the same.  

Projects undertaken:

  • Antithesis –  bridge replacement
  • Plunge – removed old wood bridges that were falling apart
  • Brackentrail – reroute to prevent erosion and sediment into Hops Creek
  • Hoods in the Woods – brushing
  • Dead End Loop – brushing
  • Tracks From hell – woodwork (will be extending bridge in the future)
  • Mad Hatter – brushing
  • Poop Alley – brushing
  • Your Mom – bridge replacement, berms refreshed.  Special thanks to Coast Mtn Academy for a trail day. Flow and janky – Just kidding the bridge was made to be smooth.