Brennan Park Redesign – Request for Proposal

RFP – Skills Park at Brennan Park Redesign

SORCA has been awarded a $65,000 grant through the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP) to make changes and improvements to the Skills Park at Brennan Park.

The existing park was a community supported initiative led by past SORCA president Jeff Cooke that officially opened back in April 2016.

With the engagement that Jeff encouraged and through the support of local businesses and individuals, SORCA were able to obtain a land lease agreement and turn $20,000 of district funding into what is now a well trafficked and much needed part of our young riders progression.

Whilst over the last couple of years, park repairs and upgrades have been on pause, the area does find itself in a state of disrepair and no longer the crowning light that Squamish, as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, should see in this location. Many smaller less MTB focused communities are blowing us out of the water with what they are building for their youth.

In the spirit of the previous build effort, SORCA would like to push a second community driven initiative to create a community resource that we can all be proud of.

SORCA are looking to engage local partners to realise this goal and are inviting proposals for the concept, detailed design and final shaping components of the project.

With the view of launching a community based fundraising push, SORCA would like to frame this as a;

“Hey Squamish, lets show other communities what can we achieve with $65k”

Considering the proposed cost of a Velosolutions project being in the region of $350,000 at the Brennan Park location, SORCA don’t have the financial resources for a full commercial build. SORCA will need to look to generating cash and in-kind donations to fill this significant budget gap.

As such our vision is a youth centric skills park that is

“designed by [insert your name here], produced by the community”

SORCA are requesting proposals for the following project components

Component one of this process is to create a design concept for the Brennan Park skills park upgrades to present to DOS Staff to ensure it satisfies SORCAs current and future land lease at this site. In addition, this would be a working concept to generate community excitement and kick-start our cash and in-kind fundraising drive.

Component two  Following concept approval, detailed design plans and specifications would need to be produced to allow the SORCA Executive to liaise with engaged local businesses (e.g. earth movers, arborists, machine operators etc) to coordinate material quantities, locations etc.

Component three is the oversight of final park shaping to ensure it meets design specs, risk management measures, and appropriate flow prior to paving for pump track components. 

Design Constraints;
Designs should consider future and ongoing non-professional maintenance within the scope of District of Squamish maintenance staff for the majority of the installation. There should be a clearly established path for rider progression within the park zone. The park should consider all rider experience level abilities AND the potential for some elements to be used by other wheeled sports (scoot, skate etc) but should be youth focussed in its design. The approximate area of the park is 100 m x 65 m. See photos and overhead view here.

The design should include:

  • A paved pumptrack
  • Beginner roller / jump  line suitable for run bikes
  • Intermediate jump lines (seperate from the above so that younger users don’t feel intimidated)
  • Other low maintenance and low cost technical trail features (TTF’s) using some of the existing materials on site (e.g. long low to ground skinny)
  • A small shelter to enable the facility to be used year round

Time Constraints ;

  • Submission for proposals must be received before October 25th 2021
  • Per the CERIP agreement, the project construction must be started before December 31st  2021.

Budget Constraints;

The Park design itself is critical to being able to deliver an exceptional community asset. We recognize this aspect incurs a potentially large cost in order to deliver plans that shape the ability to produce a risk mitigated, well considered and safe space for beginner and experienced youth riders to continue to develop their skills.
The buildout also incurs significant budget allocation so this could be considered in the spirit of the community driven efforts.


Please submit your proposals to and include the following:

  • Component 1 Design Concept: Proposed Fixed Cost and Completion Date
  • Component 2 Detailed Design:  Proposed Fixed Cost and Completion Date
  • Component 3: Fixed Cost for oversight of build and final sign off 
  • Qualifications and Expertise relevant to the Project
  • Experience/Past Projects completed that are relevant to the Project
  • References 

The criteria used to evaluate proposals will be as follows:

  • Experience
  • Cost
  • Value
  • Quality of past work
  • Qualifications and expertise
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness
  • Compliance with past contracts/agreements (if any)
  • References

We welcome all park development ideas and design proposals and will assess bid submissions against our contractor selection policy.