Stop Invasive Species On Our Trails

Our friends at the Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council need your help!

Invasive species are creeping their way up the Squamish trail network. Seeds and plant parts may hitch a free ride in tire treads or mud-caked shoes, only to be deposited in new locations, causing severe ecological, socioeconomic, and health concerns throughout the region. Species such as Orange Hawkweed, Common Burdock and Himalayan Balsam easily cling to socks, clothing, and even your pets!

How can you help? Prevention is the most effective method of reducing the spread of invasives.

  • Clean your bike, equipment, and shoes after rides.
  • Inspect your clothing and pets and dispose of any seeds or plant parts in the garbage.
  • Finally, if you spot an invader, please report it!

To report an invasive species sighting, visit

To find out more about Play, Clean, Go visit