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People miss SORCA trail days and the trails miss the people working on them. With all the barriers to organizing events over the last year, like trail days, there is a great thirst not being quenched. We have an easy-to-access way to get anyone who is interested in volunteer trail work out there. One that can affect a positive change on the trails we all ride in minutes.

Borrowing a great idea that 99North has done over the years, and scaling it up to the current need, we have prepped dozens of leaf rakes and are distributing them all over the network to trouble spots.

In July and August, not much beats rolling into a freshly raked descent. Want to test out that claim? We fully raked one high traffic descent at each end of town in the last 24 hours;

2 Stroke Smoke – Highlands
Lower Hybrid – Diamondhead
My Trail – Crumpit Woods

Unlike other (clay-based) regions, the trails in a rain forest are actually very delicate in the total dry of summer. Using rakes, you can gently clear loose matter off of the riding tread, it’s that simple. If it moves, it goes.
The result is less break-away feeling under the tires of riders and leads to less skidding and abrasion. It’s great and absolutely anyone able to get to the trail can be involved.

If you want to scratch the volunteer trail work itch, this is a great way to do it, mid-ride even!
When you see a rake, spend 10 minutes clearing the kitty litter and marbles off of the next section. Leave the rake trailside for the next person. Then reap your reward, fresh tracks! Moving the rakes around to other trouble spots is encouraged and appreciated also.

There are big rakes and little rakes. The big rakes are best for all rubble up to about a golf ball size. The little rakes are terrific for kids and work great on larger debris for adults.

The interest of the SORCA membership to pitch-in has always been incredible. Our hope is to crowdsource this maintenance work so that the SORCA trail crew can focus on their more skilled and critical projects out there. If you see a rake with a trail name on it at a junction and want to carry it to it’s new home that is also a huge help!

In the heat of summer, sometimes the best thing for the trails is simply a bit of raking.
Thanks for your help, and enjoy your trail work!

– OneUp Components