WhatOur third and Final Social of the Season – Supported and hosted by Norman and Rudy’s, Sea to Sky Welding & Fabrication, Tantalus Fine Beverages, Canadian Outdoor Medical Consulting, and Get in the Loop ! Thanks guys!
When – Wednesday September 15th, Rides starting at 5:30PM. After party starting at 7PM
Where – Ride meeting spots as follows:
Chill Ride: Meet at the end of Perth. Up Mashiter, down Rollercoaster, Lumberjack’s to Lumberjack’s connector to Cherub to Trestle to Coho Park. (5km)
Intermediate: Meet at end of Tantalus. Up Craig’s connector, up Jack’s Trail, up Debeck’s Hill, Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey, Kiki. (6km)
Intermediate #2: Meet at the end of Perth. Up Mashiter, up Tracks from Hell, 50 Shades Part 2, Rupert, Border Patrol, Guanxi, Two Stroke Smoke, Dirty Hippy, Lumberjack’s Connector. (9km)
Thrill: Meet at the end of Perth. Mashiter, Tracks from Hell, 50 Shades Part 2, Value Added, Icy Hole of Death, Brackentrail. (8km)
When you register you will be prompted to select a ride type, this is just to give us an idea for numbers, all the options above may not be available as a selection. Show up to the ride of your choosing.
How – Details
  • Be a SORCA member, if you aren’t yet you can still buy a membership to take part in this weeks Social and receive discounts with local businesses until 2022.
  • Register!  Registration is mandatory for the event and registration closes  11:59PM Monday September 13th!
  • Bring your proof of vaccination for the afterparty as this is mandatory* and a new provincial health guideline we must follow!
  • Show up next Wednesday and have an awesome night with your riding friends! Can’t wait to see you there!