With registration now closed we are excited to present you with some ride details courtesy of OneUp and their ride leaders!

There are three categories of rides happening (Chill, Intermediate, and Thrill). Some of you selected your category when you registered. There are 11 groups going out with guides spanning those 3 categories. Choose a ride based on which category you registered in (if you did) and which option sounds fun to you! If you didn’t choose a ride type in your registration, just show up to the group that looks like the best fit.

There are 4 meeting spots, please have a look below at which ride correlates to which meeting spot!

***Ride within your limits. Ride leaders are not there to coach you. .***

Trails are included in the chart below, please view in landscape mode on your phone, or on a computer.

Level Leader Meeting Spot Highlights
Chill 1
Jo Peters
Half Nelson Fool’s Gold, Panda, Pseudo
Chill 2
Codie Fletch
Half Nelson Full Nelson, Half Nelson + optional Pseudo
Intermediate 1
Jaime Hill
Uni Single Track Mind
Intermediate 2
Ryder Bulfone
Uni Hoods in the Woods
Intermediate 3
Veronika Voracek
Uni Hybrid, Low Down, Pseudo
Intermediate 4 Paul Punter Legacy Angry M, Pseudo
Intermediate 5
Laura Battista
Legacy Skookum, IMBA, Pseudo
Hard Intermediate 6
The Free Radicals
Legacy Ditch Pig, Duffy, Honeymoon, Mcloud
Thrill 1
Remy Metailler
GHE Chossy Schlabz, Gouranga
Thrill 2
Thomas Vanderham
GHE Grinch Toes, Icy Hole, Take Out the Donut
Thrill 3
Matt Bolton
GHE Dirk’s Diggler, Dirty Jane Too, Philly Cheese Steak

***There is no rush to get to the after party. Doors open at 7:30pm. Registration mandatory.  OneUp will have more than enough food & drink for everyone registered. Take your time & enjoy the rides. We’ve been assured there will be no shortages of beer! ***

That being said, please plan ahead and get yourselves home safely. Don’t drink and drive.

See you there!