Our first Youth Enduro kicked off yesterday. The day started out dry but the rains came in,  however that didn’t seem to dampen any spirits.

The ride up to the start was pretty wet with water running in all directions, but the trails absorbed what made it through the canopy and both LOA and RollerCoaster were in all-time great shape!

As a reward for those motivated little souls who braved the “looked worse then it was” conditions, our friends at Sunflower Bakery stepped in with yet more Doughnut vouchers for redemption!

Remember parents, when you go to redeem your kids vouchers, it’s a great excuse to purchase a yummy savoury (or sweet treat if you’re on cheat day)

Congrats to August for throwing down the fastest time of the day! His first runs down LOA too! Lacey took the fastest girl’s time with plenty of competition chomping close behind!

Thanks also to Eric and Ella from Team Squamish for the sweep and medical response preparedness which was thankfully not required! All our kids kept it rubberside down, but at least one notable flat tire from the inevitable race day line choices!

Full Results Here!