2022 Agm Wrap up & Election

On November 30th, SORCA held its 2022 Annual General Meeting at the Squamish Valley Golf Club. Being our first in-real-life AGM (along with a streaming option) in three years, we were pleased that 65 members attended in person, with many more tuning in from home. If you did not attend in person or missed the live stream you are invited to watch it here at your leisure.  In addition to a recap of 2022, we also held our elections for 6 volunteer director seats.  SORCA is delighted to welcome 4 new directors to our board, as well as two incumbents that were re-elected. Your 2023 SORCA board of directors are as follows:

  • Jessica Potter – new 
  • Sierra McCann – new
  • Brennan Williams – incumbent, re-elected 
  • Jeff Norman – incumbent, re-elected 
  • Natalie Carlberg – new 
  • Florence Vermette – new 
  • Davey Mitchell – 2nd year of term
  • Steven Bass –   2nd year of term 
  • Emilie Whittemore –  2nd year of term 
  • Patrica Ing –  2nd year of term
  • Kelsey Roberts – 2nd year of term 
  • Jackie McKinley – 2nd year of term 

We are very excited about the experience and energy this group of individuals brings to our organization and look forward to what lies ahead in 2023.