Social #7 – Hosted by Howe Sound Brewing

Howe Sound Brewing is hosting our 7th Social Ride of 2022! Five ride options featuring routes in Diamondhead and Alice lake areas. The 5 groups are capped at 40 riders per group for a total of 200 riders. If you can’t or don’t want to take part in these groups you are welcome to sign up for one of the 100 après-only spots allowing you to take part in that portion of the event! The après is taking place at Howe Sound Inn and Brewing, we encourage riders to ride to the event,  and we ask all who must drive to respect and adhere to parking bi-laws in that area. 

When: July 20th
Ride Start Time: 5:45 pm (no check-in required)
Après: 7-9:30 pm (check-in pre-registered riders and day-of registrants required)

Chill, Intermediate A, and Women’s Rides: Meet at the Quest University RecPlex Parking lot
Intermediate B & Thrill Ride: Meet at Garibaldi Highlands Elementary
Quest University RecPlex Parking lot

Ride Routes and Trail Details (40 riders max. per group):

Chill: Legacy climb to Pseudo Tsuga
Pseudo Tsuga is an awesome flow trail with berms and rollers enjoyed by all. This trail has seen a full refresh over the last year!

Intermediate A: Legacy climb to Ring Creek Rd to Angry M to Low Down
Angry M is a Squamish Classic, it isn’t very technical until you add speed to the equation, there are no notable features but stay sharp! Low down would be described as a ‘tech blue’, with no notable features but lots of tricky turns people struggle to carry speed through, great practice!

Intermediate B (GHE Meeting Spot): Rupert to Pamplemousse
One long time and one soon-to-be Squamish classic. Rupert features some optional rock rolls and slabs throughout undulating terrain. Pamplemousse is more gravity fed and features a great mix of flowy terrain sprinkled with a few optional features.

Thrill (GHE Meeting Spot): Grinch Toes to The Donut
If you want a thrill ride, Grinch Toes will deliver. This Double Black Diamond features a mixed bag of technical terrain, rock rolls, slabs, and some steep sections that will keep you on your (grinch) toes. The Donut is a bit less technical but also features some optional rolls you will want to take a look at prior to dropping in.

Women’s: Legacy climb to Hybrid to Brodown to Your Mom
Upper Hybrid is a fun semi-technical Blue trail with no notable features. As you enter the second section the trail changes styles into a flow trail featuring some great berms and optional jumps! Brodown is quite similar to Lower Hybrid in style.  Your mom is quite varied in terrain and style featuring some of the more technical sections’ ups and downs in this route

Pre-register: Spruce Registration Page
Pre-register to secure your spot and pay less
Pre-registration closes Monday, July 18 at 11:59pm

Look forward to seeing you there!