As everyone is acutely aware, we have a lot of snow on the ground, and recent ice and wind storms have dropped trees everywhere! It will be a while before we’re riding mountain bikes on dirt again, but we just wanted to put out a few key pointers on the trails as the snow begins to consolidate – and possibly melt.

First off: the trees! Our community is second-to-none when it comes to getting out there and clearing deadfall, but there’s a lot. Feel free to get out there with a handsaw and take care of what you can. Make sure you clear a wide enough berth for the trail. Some trees may just be bent over – if you can free them from snow, they’ll stand back up and not need to be cut.

If you encounter something too big to deal with, please pin it on Trailforks with a picture so our crew can get to it once they hit the trails again in February.

Second: safety! Be careful in the woods right now. A lot of trees have come down, and a lot more may still come down. Leave your headphones at home and stay heads up if you’re out on the trails.

Finally, as the snow surface softens and melts, please be mindful about how quickly you break out the bike. Snow-covered trails can form trenches that channel water and end up severely damaging the trail underneath. With so much low elevation snow, we’ll likely also have snow patches and wet areas persisting longer than usual – it may be a month or more from now, but as riding season kicks off, be conscious of the trail conditions and don’t hesitate to get off your bike and clear a drain or two.

As always, the FVMBA has some great advice for riding in the wet: