Social #8 – Hosted by VentureWeb + Sea to Sky Gondola + Smartwool

Social Ride #8

VentureWeb, Sea to Sky Gondola and Smartwool are hosting the 8th Social of the year! Rides start at 530pm at the Quest University gravel lot with a 730pm apres at University Heights Park. Please ride within your abilities. Cold beverages will be provided by Phillips. Please bring your own cup, bowl and utensils so we can make the event waste and plastic free!  120 participant cap.

When: August 17th @ 5:30pm
Ride Start Time: 5:30pm
Après Start Time: 7:30pm (check-in pre-registered riders and day-of registrants required)

Ride Meetup Location: Quest University gravel lot
Après Location: University Heights Park 

Ride Details

Chill: Legacy climb, Hybrid 2, Bro Down, Psuedo Tsuga 3, Home Run, Honour Roll

Start at lower (bottom of Pseudo parking), ride up the Legacy climb. Turn right and ride up towards Pseudo Tsuga, but take a left for your first descent down Hyrbrid 2, then hit Bro Down, then onto Pseudo Tsuga 3. At the bottom of Pseudo take a hard right just (before you get to the parking lot) ride Home Run and then down the Honour Roll, pop out across the street from the post ride festivities at Uni Heights Park.

Intermediate: Legacy climb, Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Another Man’s Gold, Hoods in the Woods, Poop Alley

Start at lower (bottom of Pseudo parking), ride up the Legacy climb, take the climbing trail to the top of Full Nelson, then ride down Full, then onto Half Nelson. At the bottom carefully cross the road to Another Man’s Gold. Go across Darwin’s bridge, up toward the plunge, take Powerhood Connector, ride down and then up to Hoods in the Woods. Down Hoods to Poop Alley and then cross Carpenters Son’s Bridge and onto Uni Heights Park for the after ride.

Thrill: Legacy climb, Skookum climb, Cowboy Town, Fred, Tinder, Happy Hairy Clam, Diploma, Wormhole, lower Word of Mouth, Honour Roll

Start at lower (bottom of Pseudo parking), ride up the climbing trail, take a right towards Pseudo but go past the top of Pseudo, across the bridge and up Skookum climb to Cowboy Town. Down Cowboy then right to Fred and then Tinder, half way down Tinder look for Happy Hairy Clam on the right and ride it. Take a right when you hit the road, go past the entry to your sister, keep going till you find the new Diploma Trail,  on the left. At the bottom of Diploma, take a right on the Wormhole and cross the new bridge, to lower Word of Mouth. Ride Word of Mouth. Note there is a new trail on the ridge (first left at the top of the climb after the cutblock) it’s a super fun short slab trail. Then ride Honour Roll… Pop out across the street from the after ride fun at Uni Heights park.

Pre-register: Spruce Registration Page
Pre-register to secure your spot and pay less
Pre-registration closes Tuesday, August 16th at 11:59pm

Look forward to seeing you there!