SORCA Volunteer Trailwork Challenge – Brush cutting edition!

A damp spring followed by a wet start to summer has provided the trailside flora with some optimal growing conditions this year. The trail crew and many volunteers have been hard at work with brush-cutting efforts trying to keep your favourite trails clear, but they need a hand!⁠

So, from July 7th until July 30th we are kicking off a Volunteer Trailwork Challenge! Lend a hand to our trail crew and give back to the trails, all while earning a chance to win some sweet prizes! We have a list of trails around the network that need brush cutting and clearing work done. We are hoping this contest helps recognize the ongoing efforts of active volunteers who are already clearing trails and incentivizes some newer members to get out and lend a hand. There are some awesome prizes to be won!

How it works!

Trail Crew Manager & Lead Builder David Reid has put together a list of priority trails that need attention. Select a trail you would like to tackle, note your name in the sheet and get clearing! Once it’s done note the date it was completed and submit photos of your work as proof to with the title of the trail in the email.


Each trail you complete enters you for your chance to win one of 10 prizes! We will be giving out 3 $100 gift cards to Howe Sound Equipment as well as 7 SORCA prize packs.  The more trails you complete the more entries you get and the better your chance at winning!

Trail Work/ Brushcutting Parameters 

This type of trail work isn’t very technical and therefore we hope a wide array of local trail stewards choose to get involved, whether you do or don’t have trail work experience you could be a big help to our network!

What we are looking to do is cut and clear vegetation impinging, leaning, or growing into or onto the trail. We want to make sure as well that we cut and remove vegetation far enough back that they don’t grow back into the trail in the near future. Sidenote*, it is nesting season so if you encounter shrubbery thicker in diameter than ferns or weeds such as black or salmon berry bushes have a look to make sure you’re not destroying a nesting site. Should be rare to come across so close to a trail, but this is a disclaimer we need to note.

You can use tools from your homes, such as loppers or gas trimmers etc if you have them. If you don’t and are in need of a pair of loppers we have some we can lend. Reach out to David Reid and he can sort you out.

Please wear proper PPE and be safe out on the trails. Thanks for taking part!