Conservation Fund

Photo by Chris Christie

A big part of SORCA’s mandate is to advocate for trails and by extension greenspaces in the Squamish area. We’re setting up a standing fund to help these efforts directly. SORCA’s conservation approach is to work collaboratively with stakeholders to find solutions that work for as many people as possible. We’ve got a number of conservation initiatives surrounding our high value trail areas on the go and will continue to keep our members informed as they progress.

Some examples of ways that this fund could be used include:

  • Hiring of experts to aid us advocate to government and other stakeholders
  • Purchasing of forestry rights for important pieces of land.
  • Planning processes to facilitate the long term protection of our trail network.
  • Programs that educate the public about the importance of trails and greenspaces to our local culture and economy.
If you’d like to donate directly to this fund, please include ‘Conservation Fund’ in your comment when making the donation.

Donate to the Conservation Fund