Cinco Races

Our bi-weekly races run on Wednesday nights from April through September. At $5 per rider (plus admin fees) for online pre-registration, you’ll be timed by Spruce Race Timing, and then head to an after-party for great eats, beverages and plenty of good times sponsored by our fantastic local businesses. Same-day registration is available for members at $10 and $30 for non-members if there is still space available. No online registration is available for non-members.

Registration and race start times are roughly around 6 and 6:30 but vary depending on the hosts/organizers’ preferences. Please refer to the individual Cinco event page for more info on same-day registration time and location, tag pick up, start and apres details in the ‘News’ tab on the site.

For Youth Friendly events it is mandatory for U12 riders to be accompanied by a guardian. Guardians must be present at the event start and ride with the U12 rider at all times.

Keep/bring your Spruce Timing Race tags! They are assigned for life and are not a seasonal or single race item. Test your tags here. If unassigned, please bring it to the registration table for assignment. New and replacement tags are $5.

If you’d like to volunteer to help out with rides, please fill out this form. We always need trail marshals, sweeps, flaggers and timekeepers!

SORCA Cinco results are available here.
Link to previous SORCA Cinco Courses here.

For 2022 we’ll have both Enduro and mass start XC events.

Cross Country
  • 45-90 minutes of mass start to finish racing
  • Intermediate trails
  • Points towards XC overall standings and KOM/QOM Standings
  • 4 events total
  • Top 3 events counted towards points calculation
  • 2-3 timed descent stages - with non timed liason/climb segments between.
  • Intermediate and advanced trails
  • Points towards Enduro overall standings and KOM/QOM Standings
  • 5 events total
  • Top 3 events counted towards points calculation


  • 1 point will be given to every rider finishing each Cinco.
  • Bonus points will be awarded in each category: Junior (U18), Open (18-44), and Masters (45+)
  • The top 80 men & women in each category will receive bonus points starting with 80 points for 1st, 79 points for 2nd, and so on.
  • XC Overall standings will be based on each rider’s top 3 XC Cincos.
  • Enduro Overall standings will be based on each rider’s top 3 Enduro Cincos.
  • KOM/QOM Overall standings will be based on each rider’s top 3 XC Cincos + top 3 Enduro Cincos + Super Cinco.
XC Events:

The original race series. A mass start to finish race on intermediate level trails. These races will get your heart pumping, while you jockey for position. Don’t worry it’s not that serious, unless you bring your spandex.

Spruce Race Timing runs the clock and provides live results. Each week, points go towards your overall XC and KOM/QOM standings. This is a great option to get in shape for longer XC races, or use it as a motivator to get fit with your friends!

Enduro Events:

Although we have held some one-off enduro-style events in the past, 2022 will be our first year incorporating the Enduro into our full events roster. These races will follow typical enduro racing parameters, for our weekly events we hope to have 2-3 descent stages with liaisons/climbs required between.

King & Queen of the Mountain (KOM / QOM)

The overall standing, with points totalled from each discipline. This is both a test of your overall riding skill and your ability to make as many events as possible. At the end of the year, we will crown the King & Queen on the Mountains in Squamish!

Upcoming XC + Enduro Cinco Events