Help maintain our trails, meet other riders, enjoy some awesome events, have fun! SORCA membership is available for everyone, young and old. If you ride Squamish trails on a regular basis, or it’s your primary stomping group, the membership is for you! All funds go back into trail maintenance and advocacy, ensuring the trails you love are kept in great shape. We can also leverage these funds to get grants for larger trail projects.

What do I get?

Amazing local trails: exciting new ones, and well-maintained classics.

Trail advocacy and planning. SORCA works with land managers, owners and other user groups towards sustainability and preservation of existing trails and future trail options.

Awesome weekly events, including Cinco Races, Social Rides, and epic parties put on by our amazing community partners and sponsors. These include food, beverages, prizes, and good times with friends.

Member-exclusive discounts at local bike shops and other bike-friendly businesses

All memberships need to be purchased online. There will be no memberships sold at SORCA events. Online purchase requires a credit card. Those who do not have access to a credit card can contact us regarding alternate payment methods.

Membership Details

Memberships run from January to December and are not pro-rated.

Youth: $30
(18 and under)

Adult: $60

Family: $100
(Up to two adults and two children living at the same address. $20 for each additional child)

Trail Runner (New for 2023): $60
Trail runners and mountain bikers have at least one thing in common – they both rely on and love our community’s trails. For runners looking to give back, join us and support the Squamish trails.

The Trail Runner membership has all the same perks as a regular adult membership, but this way we can keep track of runner members and start looking into how we might be able to expand our perks!

Local Legend: $250
Being a Local Legend isn’t about being the best, most extreme rider on the trails. To us, it is about getting out on our trails, enjoying the network, building community and helping ensure that the trails are taken care of and maintained for years to come.

The Local Legend membership has all the perks of regular membership with the additional funds going the extra mile, giving directly back to the trails through trail maintenance, new trail builds, facilities development and trail-related advocacy efforts.

Corporate Membership:
$500 (includes 5 memberships for staff)

Liability insurance for SORCA is included in your membership. Members are NOT insured for personal injury and liability.