Become a Sponsor

SORCA = Community

If you’re a local business looking to build your community, you’ve found your place here. Whether you’re supporting a brand new trail project, sponsoring an existing trail, or getting your staff on board with a corporate membership, your contribution is valued.

Your love keeps our world class trails in top shape. 100% of all contributions go towards maintaining and protecting the trail network in Squamish. For a detailed sponsorship package, get in touch.

Double Black Sponsorship: $10,000+

Some of the most coveted and aspirational riding – and a coveted level of partnership. Double Black Diamond sponsors can expect to work closely with us on a custom partnership and recognition package that aligns with your business/organization’s values.

Black Diamond Sponsorship: $5,000+

Black Diamonds are some of our town’s most well-known trails. Angry Midget, Full Nelson, Rupert, to name a few. Black Diamond level sponsorship is equally recognizable as a critical contribution to trails. Black Diamond partners contribute to trail maintenance and new trail projects, with a sleek recognition package to match.

Blue Square Sponsorship: $2,500+

Riding doesn’t need to be fully pinned all the time. There’s nothing like letting loose on a wide-open flow trail, or practicing new lines on some intermediate tech. The Blue Square: exciting and accessible for all levels. Blue Square sponsorship allows SORCA to keep our critical trail maintenance operations flowy.

Green Circle Sponsorship: $1,000+

Remember your first-ever ride? Was it on a Green trail? Whether it’s a climb trail, or a chill traverse through Brackendale, the Green Circles connect trails and riders to one another. Our Green sponsors recognize the need for that connection, facilitating trail days and keeping the SORCA Trail Crew going.