Diamond Head Area

The Diamond Head region offers unparalleled riding quality. It can be characterized by its mammoth climbs and extended descents. Squamish classics such as Full and Half Nelson boast some of the smoothest flow in town, while more technical descents such as Grin & Holler or Angry M. offer a thrill for even the most experienced rider.

Access to the region is via the Garibaldi Park Road beginning past Quest University. The first parking lot is 300m along the dirt road, and the second lot is located at the second switchback on the road.

Drivers are encouraged to mind their speed on the road up, as there are riders descending along it, as well as tight, single-lane sections of road. Once at either of the parking lots, be sure not to mingle in the street. There are residents that live further up the road, and we would like to maintain a friendly relationship with them by not blocking access to their homes. Driving up the Ring Creek FSR is prohibited, please park and ride from one of the two lots instead.

Our Recommended Route

Legacy Climb > Half Nelson > FSR > Pseudotsuga

Trailforks Top 5

  1. Half Nelson
  2. Angry M.
  3. Pseudo-Tsuga Pt. 3
  4. Pseudo-Tsuga Pt. 2
  5. Pseudo-Tsuga Pt. 1

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