Valleycliffe is a region characterized by its loops and at times confusing trail network, delivering the most decidedly XC experience in Squamish. Riders should expect short, stiff climbs, and technical, tight descents.

Valleycliffe is often accessed via Endo on Plateau Dr., or the access point at the end of Cherry Dr.

Many of the popular trails in this region such as Spencer’s Big Gay Ride and The Graduate are multi-directional, so be mindful of traffic. Make lots of noise if you’re descending, and be aware of your surroundings if you are climbing.

Our Recommended Route

Endo > S&M Connector > Harry Bomber > Seven Stitches > Summer’s Eve

Trailforks Top 5

  1. 5 Point Southside
  2. Labour of Love
  3. Southside
  4. Silver Spoon
  5. Meet Yer Maker

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