The Squamish trail network is an expansive mix of hand-built and machine-made trails. The region has been developed over the past 25+ years by a dedicated group of volunteers. A mix of volunteers, paid Trail Crew and contractors now maintain these world class trails that span across private, crown, and Squamish Nation land.

Photo: Ride Hub

Alice Lake and Highlands

This region has a little of everything. Trails like Rupert offer some of the most rewarding tech in Squamish, while trails such as Rollercoaster are a perfect intro to smooth, winding descents.


Brackendale is often lauded for its family-friendly trail network, perfect for a rip with the kids or a mellow evening pedal.

Photo: Trevor May

Photo: Sean Birch

Diamondhead Area

Stunning views on the ride up, perfect turns on the ride down. Diamond Head offers some of the longest descents in Squamish, on trails like Meadow of the Grizzly, Pseudo Tsuga or Half Nelson.


Offering nearly 50km of single-track, Valleycliffe has a distinct old-school feel. Expect rooty, rocky climbs, and tight, switch-backed descents.

Photo: Parker Carruthers

Photo: Sean Birch

Cat Lake & Brohm

While the trails in this zone are not numerous, they are rewarding. Expect long descents with exciting wood features.